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                    THE FLEUR DE LIS:    Volumes I-III  By Emily Isaacson              

  The official poetry collection that was a wedding gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.   

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“If these delicate feet could dance, the spaces would echo with tears, but the room is silent and visitors come in and out, and the windows reveal young girls outside, in imagined old leotards and ballet shoes, scuffed with time, practicing, practicing for . . . le danse.

The fury of the imagination is passion and, in a stenciled choreographed life, no movement is immaterial, timing is exact and the curve of your hand or the tilt of your head string a nice set of scales. When the movement is mastered, the next position demands attention and the next, like a succession of children holding hands.  The creation is of the author, and passion is their forward movement.”

Thus begins The Fleur-de-lis, an 800 page document in poetry by Emily Isaacson sent to Prince William over 5 years. Unlike a ballet in literature, experience the richness and depth of her postmodern verse, and the beauty and nuances of the local countryside and art.

This volume of postmodern poetry is Canadiana literature in bloom: the sea, the stars and the North all appear at Emily’s eloquent table. The perspective stemming from her disciplined art, its prolific influence, her painterly presence, her sense of decorum, and nicely, the silver thread throughout her epistle of romance all establish Emily as a prominent poet of Canadian birth.

The Fleur-de-lis captures the simple essence of both martyrdom and liturgy, memorizes the moments of soul, and makes the sacred a poignant and lyric capture. A literary monument, this reflective work of poetry is both mythic and contemplative. Piecing together the journey of humanity from simple beginning to royal coronation, the poet is given to birth and pierced by nature. The language of verse speaks as medium, chronicling human nature in all its pathos and gestation. 

                                        The Fleur-de-lis   Volumes I II III


About the Author

Emily Isaacson was born in Windsor, Canada and has a Scottish Coat of Arms. She grew up in Victoria, where she lived not far from the sea, and began writing poetry at age ten. She is the director of The Wild Lily Institute, where she is poet, author, and nutritionist.          

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