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Hallmark: Canada's 150 Year Anniversary

New and Old Poetry by Emily Isaacson about the creativity needed to survive the recession.

"You wear a mask . . ." -- Emily Isaacson

Yes, she predicted it three years in advance.

Dove Christian Publishers (2017)

In this commemorative edition, we showcase the select poetry of Canadian poet Emily Isaacson, from her simple pieces to the epic. This work surrounds the guillotine of the recession that has influenced Canadians over the past decade. It is evident her readers have only begun to taste her nuances, wording, and poetic structure, including her own invention “the eclipsed poem.” Her dedicated voice has spoken in poetry to royals, cloisters, people groups, and nations.

This poignant and lyrical collection rises to stir our hearts from poverty to the ornamental. Emily Isaacson writes her sacred words as we enter the Baroque era of the internet. From her early medieval blog as a solitary unicorn to this year celebrating one million visits to her websites, her prolific verse and multimedia art spark poetry with life. She sets out to make a postmodern impact by using colour and style paired with the creativity necessary for survival.

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With all her sonnets in one book . . .

"Emily's poetry is as popular as Purdys Chocolatier - Sweet Georgia Browns."

Arsenic: 58 Distressed Sonnets

by Emily Isaacson

This collection highlights 58 distressed sonnets by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson. The publication of these early works detail her emergence as a writer of sonnets, a distinct and strict templative form. Her own genius adds to their complexity as she deviates from form on occasion to produce a reward to the eye and ear. Her sonnets are a practiced voice of the new millennium, with much to glean from.

Poet Emily Isaacson is the director of the Wild Lily Institute in Mission, British Columbia. She has been writing for over thirty years, and has published over 1500 poems. Her prolific verse and multimedia art bring poetry to life, with over a million visits to her websites by more than 45 countries.

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The Blossom Jar

  The Blossom Jar. . .   new Chapbook!  

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This small chapbook tells a story in verse of Nancy Green, a homeless woman standing in the street. She asked to tell her story. This moving account by poet and author Emily Isaacson reminds us of what matters in this life and how precious humanity is to God.

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