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News Stars is a depiction of the things people will do to survive during the recession.

New Title: The Blossom Jar

  What is life really like for the homeless?

Emily Isaacson answers this question in her new book, based on a true story.

This book of prose-poetry is 50 pages, and tells the story of Nancy Green.


The Blossom Jar by Emily Isaacson  $6.99

Look for the book launch coming in Maple Ridge this Spring!

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poetry book by Emily Isaacson dedicated to Princess Charlotte

given as a gift from the Wild Lily Institute to the Royal Family.

With Isaacson's Hourglass, including the Elegy of the Royal Rose,

and five new unpublished sonnets

Paperback  $9.99 

Hardcover $25.99

E-book  only $3.99!

110 pages


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Praise for Victoriana . . . 


"Victoriana is superb! A gift for the heart to ponder..."

--Brayden Sawatzky, President of the Fraser Valley Poets Society

  Author of A Breath of Light!


"Victoriana draws you into the majesty of the past and gives hope for the future."

--Brian Headley, director of the Listening Prayer Community

   Speaker and counsellor


Victoriana is the poetry of times past. Children run in the fields of wildflowers. The seasons' many colors have found their voice at last, with dedicated romance. From celebrated author and artist Emily Isaacson, we are given a breath of fresh air of all things Victoria in her work of art in three sections.

From flowers arranged, to gingham aprons, nostalgia rules this era. Victoriana by Isaacson is a revisiting of Victorian times, and their three tier influence on modern day relationships: decor, art, and thought. She is the creator of many quotable moments on the road to Victoria.

A Taste of Victoriana!

View Emily Isaacson's new video to sample her poetry and all things Victoria.

Then visit her Victoriana Poetry blog to read a sample of this great book.

Writing poetry is unlike playing Mozart or stringing pearls. There is wisdom in the ordering of its gems. Bring your friends and curl up by the fire to listen to some of the most outstanding poetry from the Fraser Valley.  Emily Isaacson is postmodern poet and author of thirteen books, including one children's book.  

Since her early days in the backwoods of Mission, Emily has perfected the art of poems. She is a professional author and arts advocate in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

Visit Emily Isaacson's poetry book A Familiar Shore

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I took up my favored pen,

and the meter of the salt roar,

the splendid gathering of stony shells

and aged driftwood

splashed off the pages

of the handmade paper, enameled

with rose blossoms and leaves,

for the retrieving of countries

almost lost

in the density of ocean,

for the salve of a wound time has marred.


Emily Isaacson,  A Familiar Shore